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Palace of Kings

  Reviewed on 15 November, 2018
This hotel belongs in a movie - and has actually been used in a couple - it is placed on top of a mountain and right at the edge of a cliff. The... Read more
DJ_Funktris    TripAdvisor

Hard to describe

  Reviewed on 08 January, 2019
I have found it quite hard to decide what rating to give Le Bokor Palace.The hotel itself is in a stunning location on the top of Bokor Mountain with... Read more
MrsHodgy    TripAdvisor

Incredible place, unforgettable experience and superb hospit

  Reviewed on 12 March, 2019
I stayed with my extended family during the first weekend of March 2019! The Hotel is astonishing place and hospitality of the staff just incredible!... Read more
Biloliddin    unspecified    TripAdvisor

Bokor Palace

  Reviewed on 03 April, 2019
It good view of mountain with nice sunset in this periodThe well temperatures in hot season in Cambodia with 24c in day time and 20c in night... Read more
Nychan-M   unspecified    TripAdvisor

Le Bokor Palace, Kampot, Cambodia

  Reviewed on 07 May, 2019
Very quite and peaceful place. Excellent service and food. The view is spectacular and second to none. We were here at the beginning of wet season... Read more
Alexander S   unspecified    TripAdvisor