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Palace of Kings

  Reviewed on 5 years, 7 months ago
TripAdvisor on 15 November, 2018
This hotel belongs in a movie - and has actually been used in a couple - it is placed on top of a mountain and right at the edge of a cliff. The scenery is beautiful, you are treated to an incredible sunset every night, the air is clean and pure and the hotel itself is something from legend. We popped in for a coffee in the hope of getting a glimpse of the inside and Chhay, who was on duty that day, was kind enough to give us the grand tour of the entire building. He explained every corner and every picture with such enthusiasm and love that you would have thought the hotel belonged to him alone. He represented the hotel perfectly, he was well presented and kind, tending to our every need and constantly wanting to teach us more about the history of the palace.

We said we would return to meet him one day and all things going well we will, this palace deserves a second look.


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