Thansur Restaurant

Thansur Restaurant is the most exclusive and historic restaurant in Bokor mountain. This restaurant back to 100 years of French colonial that has been using the hotel's restaurant at the first time in 1925, the second time in 1962 and the third time in 2018.

The restaurant offers all day à la carte dining which each dish has their own unique and had been made since 100 year ago until present. Our guests can get experiences traditional French cuisine by our Executive Chef carefully to research the menu used at the hotel's first opening in 1925 with inspired by the Le Bokor Palace history and given twist to be modern but still using the classic french cooking methods. You will enjoy a true dining experience with signature dishes by our chef insists on using the best and extensive selections of high quality fresh ingredients.

The restaurant design of classical and fashion lighting with ancient fireplaces, and there is a piano in the center of the restaurant to create a sense of harmony and elegance. Enjoy spectacular “Opal Coast” in the elegant surroundings while enjoying delicious dishes.

  • Concept : A La Cart
  • Operation hour : Open from 11:00 AM to 10:00 PM
  • Number of seats : 80 persons

Popular Dishes

Tartare de Boeuf facon du chef

Classic raw imported Beef tenderloin minced with chefs special condiments, served with melba toast and hand cut French fries.

Crabe du Marche de Kep

Fresh flower Crab from Kep, Steamed to perfection on light garden greens, cherry tomato compote topped with Russian Caviar.

Foie Gras Poele et fromage de Chevre

Black glutinous rice cooked in sweetened coconut milk. The sweet sticky rice was then cooked in a ramekin and topped with ripe mango.

Soiree Gala 1925, Consommé de Boeuf

“Served on Opening Gala night February 14, 1925” Chilled Beef Oxtail consommé soup with warm organic farm vegetable pie.

Timbale de Crevettes et Aubergine

Composed organic farm vegetable salad with choice Blue cheese dressing
Or First press Italian extra virgin olive oil and aged Balsamic dressing.

Salade de Legume Organique du Jardin de Bokor

“Served on Opening Gala night February 14, 1925” Chilled Beef Oxtail consommé soup with warm organic farm vegetable pie.

Salade Ceasar “La Residence”

Old casino Caesar salad done table side
Organic farm lettuce, Bokor mountain Black pork bacon, Italian Parmesan
Cheese “Reggiano“ warm herb croutons.

Delice De Fruits de Mer facon Soiree Gala de 1925 (Signature Dish)

Assorted Mixed fresh Seafood inspire from the opening Gala night menu served on February 14 1925, Flambé at your table side, served with garden vegetables and Cambodian world renowned jasmine rice.

Filet de Loup De Mer au Truffle, De la Baie de Sihanouk

Oven Baked Local Sea bass filet with Black truffle vinaigrette, light Hollandaise sauce, tossed fresh Spinach leaves, Steamed potatoes.

Magret de Canard Au Miel et Petits Fruits exotique

French Duck breast pan-fried to perfection on a light Carrot and potato mash, Honey Port wine reduction, and Tropical fruit compote, accompanied by a selection of Baby vegetables.

Coeur de Filet de Boeuf Poivre vert et Moutarde de Dijon

Heart of Imported Beef Tenderloin grilled to your preference with French Cognac green peppercorn sauce, French Dijon mustard, asparagus tips and roasted potatoes

Poele De Nouille Maison aux Legumes Organique

Homemade fresh noodles tossed with selected Organic Vegetables, Choice of Cherry tomato herb sauce or Light roasted garlic cream sauce.

Supreme de Poularde au Citron vert “La Mairie"

Oven Roasted Free Range organic Chicken Breast on Goat Cheese herb ravioli tossed in light citrus chive foam, cauliflower Puree.

Poitrine de Pork de la Ferme De Bokor

Slow Cooked Bokor Mountain Pork Belly, served two ways with Shiitake mushroom rice, Vegetable fritters.

Trio de Chocolate Suisse

Chef Nick Special Swiss chocolate tart with Classic Opera Cake, Chocolate Meringue.

Crepe Suzette

Table side classic flambé of Crepes with Grand Marnier, fresh orange, Vanilla homemade ice cream.

Pain Perdue aux Fruits du Marche, Glace au The Vert

Bread and Butter Pudding with fresh Tropical fruits from the Market, Home Made Green Tea Ice Cream.