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Timeless palace hotel, embodies all nature has to offer

  Reviewed on 4 years, 8 months ago
TripAdvisor on 24 October, 2019
the Grand Budapest Hotel, the Movie, with touch of whimsical and rustic beauty. As soon as I arrived, it is breathtaking to know that this is a 100 year old building which was built since 1920s as one of main collection of French colonial retreats, untill now it is still well maintained with the detailing only exist in the colonial times. From the vintage furniture, portraits and painting on the wall etc, that had sparked curiosity and romance which happened in the past.

It is a great introduction between the history and nature, being located in a national park, and I am grateful that I have the honor to layover and be a part of history. With its unique location at 1,075 meters above the sea level on the peak of Bokor Mountain within the park, hosting a cold ambient all year round, adjoining a cliff scenery of south coastal line and the town of Kep and Kampot at the courtyard, the view is unbeatable.

Amidst the jungle in the National park, it’s a magical place that you could find peace and calm, unable tell the reason why, perhaps the alikeness of rock cairn field, has an air of spirituality, even though there were no sign explaining its purpose. Its old Catholic church, heritage villa, and the damnakk sia khmao has a certain allure to them.. Never hesitate to venture beyond the obvious, head for under the radar, Le Bokor Palace certainly has too much surprise has to offer...

Special thanks to the hotel service team, my driver and guide Vanny whom have made this trip remarkable.


Eun E   Singapore
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